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  About Us 

  About Taralan 

For over thirty years North American farmers and crop input suppliers have relied on Taralan as a source of unbiased, practical agronomic information.

Since 1972 Taralan has helped hundreds of producers achieve higher crop yields, quality and profits by using the advanced technology of the Taralan MultiFactor System™. Hundreds of input suppliers have solidified and grown their customer relationships and profits employing Taralan's unique system.

The Taralan Multifactor System™ forms the core of Taralan's on-farm crop consulting services and the CropRx program. This complex, computer-based system contemplates the multitude of soil, climate, crop and cultural factors that influence crop yields, quality and profits. These factors can vary widely, often within the same field, creating significant challenges to efficient management and production.

The end result is an integrated plan of action tailored to goals and resources of individual producers and has proven highly effective across a broad spectrum of soils, climates and crops.

While agriculture has seen many changes in three decades, the pressing need for higher, more economical yields has not abated. In the face of stagnant commodity prices and increasing operating costs, Taralan has remained committed to providing agronomic guidance and information to help farmers optimize their resources and increase their profitability.

Visit Taralan's Website at www.taralan.com.

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